Rainbow Girl saves the day!

Hi, guys! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Lots of Halloween parties happening around here; everyone is really gearing up for trick-or-treating.

No costume parties for us, though. Hubby and I had our own little celebration, since this weekend marked our 10 year wedding anniversary. Time truly does fly. Talk about spooky!! If you follow me on Instagram, I already bore you to death with sappy pictures from our wedding, so I won't be doing that again.  Besides, I have something much more exciting to share with you. Guess what I finished this weekend? My daughter's Halloween costume!!! A full 2 days before Halloween! I'm doing so much better this year. 

I feel like I need to share a little background for you to fully understand this costume (we take costumes very seriously around here). When Emma finds something she likes, she doesn't just like it. She loves it with all her being. "It" becomes her only obsession and goal in life. And right now she's reeeeeeaaally into rainbows. We have rainbow things all over the house, from notepads to pencils, to toys, and all she ever draws lately are rainbows... houses with rainbows, witches attacking rainbows, even clouds puking rainbows. For reals...

 Trademark. Emma, 2017 

So when the subject of this year's Halloween costume came up, it was a total no-brainer for her. She was going to become a rainbow. She was going to protect rainbows from evil stormy witches. No grey cloud would be safe anymore. And then... the snow came, which further emphasized the need for a Super multicoloured girl to rescue us all from an early Winter. 

And this is how Rainbow Girl came to be...


So, with uniform in tow, we headed to the fields to try and scare the snow away. She leaped and jumped, she chased the flakes. She twirled around in her multicolour cape...



She fought with all her might, but no matter how hard she tried, the storm witch was too strong for her this time. So feeling slightly defeated, she walked home with her head down and her cape wet with snow. 


But it won't be her last fight. She'll be back, fully recharged. 

Net time, Rainbow Girl. Next time.


For more costume ideas, here you can check out the ones I've made for my daughter through the years. And you'll quickly notice 4 out of 6 include some form of cape. Coincidence? Maybe I should start admitting to my mild obsession with capes and mini super heroes.

What are your kiddos latest obsessions? Do their costumes match the theme? Leave me a comment (or a picture!). I love to hear from you.


Later Gator,

Julia (with an H)